Hey – We’re the Chat Blender Team

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April 12, 2016 Facebook announces chatbots on Messenger.

At the time Stephen Bradeen was working at a “soul sucking” job in film.

Nick Julia had just moved to San Fransisco and had just left a full-time job in his family business.

That’s where the guy to the right comes in…

Meet Andrew Warner of Mixergy.

He talks to amazing entrepreneurs and ambitious upstarts on the leading edge of business and tech.

Even though chatbots weren’t on anyone’s radar, they were on Andrew’s.


In late 2016 Bot Academy launched.
And Andrew started teaching others how to create chatbots.

Stephen and Nick both joined the course.
Their bot journies began.

Today they both run successful Chatbot Agencies.

And they help Andrew teach others how to build bot agencies at Bot Academy.

So, what have Nick and Stephen learned from working with clients and other agencies?

The most successful bots and bot agencies had one big thing in common.

A chat team.

The owners didn’t get mired in the small, time-sucking tasks.

Instead, it’s just “Hey team, I need a welcome flow for this brand.  Oh, and I need it in two days.”

Those agencies grew.
Bots with that support grew.

The ones that tried to do it all alone didn’t.


Because you and your current team are already busy. With current clients, kids, or even time to relax.

From that realization, Chat Blender was born.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time on the small tasks…
…We’re ready to be your team and help you reclaim your time and help your business grow.