Email Marketing that converts in 30 days

The email marketing agency for ecommerce.

The transactional, cookie-cutter approach to email marketing for ecommerce no longer works.


The biggest mistake brands make in their email marketing approach is constantly dripping out transactional emails from cookie-cutter templates.

They put up an “auto-pilot” approach rather than a “pattern interrupt” approach.

This gets stale fast and engagement fades quickly.

If you don’t have a dedicated email marketing specialist on your team, then your emails likely won’t convert well and you’ll see your subscribers churn.

What sets Chat Blender’s Email Marketing agency services apart?

The best investments in life are those with the intention of changing lives.

This is the same for your brand. And, the way you can consistently communicate these values to your audience is by email.

We take an approach of transformational copy that puts your products in the context of how it can create IMPACT.

We vary our design to stand out. And, we focus on IOS15 proof strategies that will last in the new privacy era of marketing. 


The email marketing agency for ecommerce

Track clicks to your site attributable to each email

Tell your story and make an ROI

Build trust and Crediblity

Never again wonder “Is our email marketing working?”

Oberlo published an article that states: “For every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. There’s a ton of email marketing benefits, but this one tops the charts for keeping your business steady and going.

If you aren’t growing your list and keeping up to date with IOS15 impact’s you can be left behind!


“ChatBlender’s email marketing has brought our relationships with our audience to the next level. Our customers make comments about this in our reviews! This approach has clearly increased our word of mouth sales. The only downside is our customers love chatting with our customer service! haha”

Adam Burns

Brand Owner,

Is Chat Blender’s the right email marketing agecny for your ecommerce store?

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Email marketing pricing that maintains your margins

The bigger the list, the bigger the impact!

We have packages designed to create maximum profits for your brand. We’re also brand owners so we put this hat on when we design our agency packages. We know why agencies fail brands and effective pricing can have a big impact on your margins.