241% Sales bump and 3x ROI with 1 PR Campaign

Learn how LashLuxury achieved 100% measurable and profitable PR campaigns using our PPC PR Model.

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LashLuxury is a natural beauty products based in Canada. It’s been growing consistently since its creation and at the time of writing this the company is well at multiple 6-figures of annual revenue.
This is also one of the brands we use to test out new strategies, services and tactics. In this article, we’ll go into detail about our first incursion with PR for Lash Luxury… And also, the measurable and somewhat unexpected results we were able to get.


Sales Bump




As a results-driven agency, we have historically had a love & hate relationship with PR campaigns.
On one hand, we acknowledge their potential and know that the right PR strategies work.
On the other hand, we just don’t like the lack of measurable data in traditional PR campaigns! And most PR agencies and services will give you very little to go on… Broad statements such as ‘your article will be seen by 1 million readers’ are commonplace in this industry. They focus on metrics like “impressions” and “reach” which are useless if this traffic isn’t converting into sales.
Our challenge for LashLuxury is simple. We want PR campaigns with measurable results, just like the rest of the marketing that we’re used to do.


Lash Luxury wants to test the effectiveness of PR Campaigns for their business, and compare it against other marketing channels and strategies they have been running.


Pay Per Click PR

What if we could do PR based on actual clicks and visits to our website, instead of simply relying on unchecked, overly optimistic impressions estimates?
That’s exactly the strategy we implemented for LashLuxury. We selected and contacted potential media outlets, with a compelling offer, and a transparent and trackable system to measure clicks and results.
We would only pay the media outlets based on the actual result and traffic they drove, and our system ensured that everyone is clear on what’s happening.
This strategy gave LashLuxury unprecedented control over their PR campaign. They were able to measure exactly how much traffic, what the conversion rates were, and exactly how much revenue was generated from each media outlet we worked with!

The right content

Our strategy also included the creation of carefully prepared content to present to the media outlets we contacted. We sent each of them a proposal with SEO-optimized content, a compelling offer, and detailed descriptions of the products and benefits LashLuxury offers.
This made it much easier for the media outlets. They had quality content to publish immediately, with an attractive revenue offer for them, and fair, measurable payment for real results.
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Our initial results are very promising. On LashLuxury’s first publication, we saw a 241% sales bump with 3x ROI. Not only did it work and we got great results, but we were able to measure everything from start to finish.
You don’t have to worry about a traditional PR agency charging thousands and only getting metrics like “impressions.” With out PPC PR model, if they decide not to write an article for you then there will be no payout at all.
That’s why it pays off even more if we can offer our clients access as many outlets as possible in order to reach their target audience across various platforms such as social media channels like Facebook & Twitter where conversations happen.

“ChatBlender has done absolutely amazing things for our brand through PR. We have a 10x ROI on our spend!
We couldn’t be happier and will certainly continue to have articles published through their pay-per-click connections.”

Adam Burns

Brand Owner, LashLuxry.ca

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