What if your you only paid when people clicked through from your PR service?

Introducing Chat Blender’s 100% trackable and attributable PR services for ecommerce brands.

We’ll build your PR engine with a PPC model.
You only pay when someone visits your site.

Get The Media Attention Your Brand Deserves.


Branding yourself as an expert, or the next great thing is all about getting more coverage. And, what better way than by sending out cost-per-click press releases to major publications?

Our team at ChatBlender will help you promote your brand through our modernized pay-per-click PR service that allows us to send these targeted messages directly into top publishers’ inboxes!

Most traditional PR services fail because they’re an untrackable gamble.

Have you ever worked with a “traditional PR agency?” It is a complete crapshoot.

It costs 10’s of thousands of dollars and typically is a numbers game sending packages to dozens of publishers they don’t actually know hoping one hits.

Then when they do the only metric you get is “impressions” or “reach.” These are not valuable metrics to invest in. Personally, as a brand owner myself, I’m not interested in gambling with my business.


Imagine PR services for ecommerce that are trackable and attributable

Chat Blender PR is a new way to get your brand featured on premium news and lifestyle publishers. Once your brief and value propositions are set up, you only pay when your prospects click through from your chosen publishers’ articles.

Track clicks to your site attributable to each publisher

Tell your story and make an ROI

Build trust and Crediblity

Never again wonder “Is our PR is working?”

You don’t have to worry about a traditional PR agency charging thousands and only getting metrics like “impressions.” If they decide not to write an article for you then there will be no payout at all.

That’s why it pays off even more if we can offer our clients access as many outlets as possible in order to reach their target audience across various platforms such as social media channels like Facebook & Twitter where conversations happen.

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“ChatBlender has done absolutely amazing things for our brand through PR. We have a 10x ROI on our spend!
We couldn’t be happier and will certainly continue to have articles published through their pay-per-click connections.”

Adam Burns

Brand Owner, LashLuxry.ca

Is Chat Blender’s trackable PR model right for you?

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Don’t fall victim to traditional PR.

They will sell you on the years in business, or high numbers of “impressions.” Their packages cost $10,000 plus and have no guarantees.

Speak with a ChatBlender advisor to invest in your brand’s future today!