Case Study: Women’s Health + Beauty Ecommerce Quiz Funnel

$96,401 In three months with a 20.22% Conversion Rate (10X increase in conversion rate)

Before Quiz Funnel:

Before Maven Brand (not the client’s actual name) started working with ChatBlender, they were struggling to convert traffic that came to their home page. Because Maven has a catalog of 50 SKUs and some similar offerings, customers were struggling to understand which products were right for them. It was a combo that killed sales from general intent traffic.

When Maven came to Chatblender, they were looking to solve 3 problems: 

  1. How do we increase the conversion rate from our main pages?
  2. How can we better personalize offerings for our new & old customers?
  3. How do we help our customers find the right product(s) to reduce indecision and increase sales?

Quiz Funnel Results:

Maven now has multiple quiz funnels from Chatblender that work 24/7 to increase sales.

In the first month, Maven grew their email list size by 3,000+ subscribers just from the quiz. The quiz garnered a 20% email capture rate. In the first month, the quiz made Maven an additional $26,580.


We continue to optimize the main quiz funnel. Chatblender ran multiple split tests for Maven.  We changed images, copy, results pages, and placement of the quiz. Because of that, both email subscribers and revenue accelerated.

The most significant impact was on revenue.
In just 3 months of running the quiz funnel, Maven made an additional $96,401. 


Maven’s success re-inforces one of our core tenants:
The volume of traffic you get isn’t most important.

It’s how you connect and convert the traffic.

2x your conversion rate in 7 days. Guaranteed*
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Quiz Funnel Process:

Step 1: Pick, plan and build your quiz funnel.

  • Researched Maven’s audience & aligned with Maven’s main goal of boosting subscribers and sales
  • Uncovered which products purchases led to high 60/90 day LTV customers
  • With the client, generated a list of questions to lead customers to the desired outcome
  • Built a Deep Product Quiz to generate revenue
    • Software used: Triplewhale, Google Analytics, Octaneai
  • Created split tests to run once the baseline was established

Step 2: Promote your funnel quiz & place it on your site to convert traffic and leads into new customers.

  • Placed on-site calls to action (CTA’s) to lead customers into the quiz
  • CTA in the site header
  • Embedded the quiz into the home page
  • Made several targeted popups for the quiz.
  • Created a dedicated landing page for the quiz

Step 3: Personalize your marketing, SMS and email with quiz results.

  • Integrated Klayvio (Email service provider) with Octaneai (Quiz software)
  • Setup quiz results and keywords to be pulled into Klayvio for SMS and email marketing
  • Set up an email sequence to send personalized results to quiz takers.
  • Set up SMS sequence to send results to quiz takers.
  • Segmented Klaviyo list based on quiz results to be able to send target offers.

If we don’t, You get a full refund and get to keep the quiz funnel for free.

We guarantee* to beat your site’s conversion rate by 2x in 7 days