81% traffic bump with Revived SEO Strategy

Learn how Wild Willies revived their SEO strategy and increased their traffic and conversion at the same time

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Wild Willies is the cream of the crop when it comes to beard care brands. They eat, sleep, and breathe beard care.
As an Inc. 5000’s America’s Fastest Growing Private Company, you can find their products in retailers like Walmart, Amazon and also on their own Shopify store, wild-willies.com.
After experiencing exponential growth through retailers all over America, they decided it was time to revamp their direct-to-consumer sales through their own branded website. This is where ChatBlender came in.


Increase organic conversion rate

From 0.49% to 0.7%

Increase traffic 12,757 to 23,804

81% increase in 2 months

Increase top 10 keywords

From 2,200 to 3,240


Wild Willies had focused their operations and growth on strengthening their relationship with retailers and making sure their products were available in stores all over the country. Their focus and success on driving their B2B channels definitely paid out, but it also meant that their direct-to-consumer sales channel was somewhat neglected for some time.
To drive D2C sales through their website, one of the strategies employed was to revive their organic reach through SEO. This included analyzing which relevant search terms to focus on, reviewing and optimizing their existing content, and strategically planning the creation of new content to capture a bigger portion of organic traffic from searches.


Wild Willies wanted to improve their D2C sales, a channel which had been neglected for some time, and which provides greater margins and better brand recognition to the company.


Since we weren’t starting from scratch, we propose a 4-steps approach to tackle this challenge:
  1. Initial SEO Audit
  2. Planning the Strategy
  3. Deploy
  4. Optimize

Initial SEO Audit

Existing Content

We analyzed their current content and blog structure, how it was ranking, and possible improvements that could be made.
We also analyzed that their website structure to make sure the technology behind it would also assist and help on our ranking goals.

Keywords Research

We went deep and analyzed which keywords they were ranking for, and we also looked for keyword opportunities to rank. We placed our focus in a variety of high and low volume search terms, to make sure we would get the very important quick wins and also ranking for the higher volume, more difficult search terms.

Planning the Strategy

Based on our audit, we prepared our action plan:

Migrate Default Shopify Blog to New App

While Shopify’s default blogging solution is ok to start with, you need something more powerful to really optimize your SEO strategy.
With this in mind, our first plan of action was to migrate all their current content to a new blogging app. This allowed us to make full use of all SEO tools available to optimize and rank.

Search Terms Ranking Strategy

We hand picked our search terms to work on, making sure we included a variety of low and high search volume search terms relevant to the products and industry.
Picking the right terms to focus on is essential to achieving long-term ranking results.

Repurpose their current content

Wild Willies’ blog content to date was good, and it just needed some optimization. We revamped their articles to make sure they were optimized and focusing on the right search terms, and made sure to submit them for re-indexation.

Plan new content

We created a publishing schedule for new, optimized content, focused on the search terms we are targeting.
We set minimum scores targets for the new content and used the right tools to ensure high-quality SEO content.

Product Placement and Conversion

We want to make sure that our traffic actually converts. For this reason, each new or repurposed article always has a next step attached to it. Be it a feature product, advanced multi-channel opt in, and so on.


Our metrics systems and dashboards allows us to continuously measure and improve results we’re getting, as well as identifying new search term opportunities and trends.
Part of what we do is a periodical review and correction of our strategy. This determines the guidelines for new content, new search terms, and much more.


Time to get to work!
We were able to get all optimization and re-purposed content ready within the first month, and from there we switched our focus to new content creation and publishing.
We also setup a control dashboard – which we setup for all our clients – so that we have control of all important metrics we’re targeting.
We are measuring not only our rankings, but also our site stats and conversions. This is key to ensure we’re not only driving traffic, but we’re also driving new sales.


Having the right SEO strategy in place is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. It’s also the perfect complement for all your other marketing strategies, since you’ll have content for retargeting, social media, email marketing and much more!
Whether you’re starting out from scratch or revamping a long neglected blog, make sure you do your homework before taking action. The worst thing for any store owner is to invest time and money blindly, without any goals, strategies or metrics to guide them.
And remember, your goal is to drive sales. No matter what you do, this should always be your north star.

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