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ChatBlender is an e-commerce scaling agency. We offer a suite of services to help you grow your online business. From website design and development to marketing and SEO, we can help you take your business to the next level.

Whether you're an Amazon brand looking to start with Shopify or a challenger brand looking to take down the big guy, we can help!

Increase ROAS. Decrease CAC.

We've helped companies like these (and many more) get sustainable traction and accelerate growth.

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We've helped companies like these (and many more) get sustainable traction and accelerate growth.

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You’re hiring brand owners who have skin in the game

We’re ecommerce owners too.

So we know that you’re looking for more than just an ecommerce marketing agency, you want an ecommerce growth partner.

We experiment with our own brands so that we know which plays are most likely to work for yours. It’s tried and tested marketing before we put it into practice for you.

And our results aren’t based just on ROAS.  We know how important it is to get the ultimate sale with the right margins.  Because of that, we’ll work to drive CAC down, AOV up and LTV up.

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Don’t consistently discount. Instead, Create growth loops.

Consistent discounting impedes your growth.

Too often we see companies training customers to wait for discounts (often at the behest of their agency) because it’s just easier to get a short-term sale that way.

Instead, we focus on showing customers the value of your product so that they don't need coupons to buy. We’re not against the judicious use of discounts, but they have to lead to long-term customers.

Our methodology is designed to get you repeat customers who tell their friends about what a great product you have. So that one sale turns into 2...3...4 sales.

Data backed decisions (shared with you) to power your growth

Revenue from customers is your brand’s lifeblood, but not all revenue is the same.

The customer acquisition costs (CAC) associated with a new customer bleed away that revenue.  Because we're ecommerce (DTC) owners we know that keeping a healthy CAC to LTV ratio while growing is critical.

We give you access to reporting dashboards and explain the “why” behind our approach.  And we make sure that you’re fully behind the strategy. We’re not just another ecommerce agency, we're your partner to help grow your unique ecommerce business sustainably, across channels without using short-term hacks that hurt you long term.


Who you are


You want to grow your ecommerce brand and revenue.


You’re looking for a partner — not a vendor. Together we'll work backward from your business goals in order to define your digital marketing strategy.


You eschew short-term hacks in favor of sustainable, defensible growth. We're concerned with the user experience from first exposure to your advertising and brand all the way through shipping and reorders.


You want your ecommerce marketing strategy, product lines, creatives, and data all working together.

Marketing designed for ecommerce sales.
No inexperienced marketing agencies, no flakey freelancers, no expensive in-house team...

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Multi-channel Connections. Not data silos. Not marketing silos. 


Often digital marketing agencies and ecommerce marketing agencies become silos. One takes care of Facebook ads, another does google PPC.  And neither ecommerce agency talks to one another.  This situation comes up with internal teams too.

You'll have us as a partner to come up with a cohesive, sustainable and defensible ecommerce marketing strategy. A strategy that when executed helps your business grow the right way across all your channels and partners.

Even when we only take on a piece of your marketing we’ll share insights with you and your other agencies because all your ecommerce marketing activities should fuel one another.

We HATE the “attribution” argument.  Done right your top of funnel traffic from Facebook is pushed further down the conversion path by your blog articles, Google ads etc… At the end of the day what matters is understanding how your channels are working together to get a profitable outcome.  NOT who gets the credit for it.

Our omnichannel ecommerce marketing approach 

You need a plan for coordinated messages across channels.

When your marketing channels work together and have coordinated messaging, AOV goes up by 13% on average and purchase frequency by 250%.

We help coordinate your messaging across SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, your ecommerce website, and more to get you more sales with higher average order values per sale.


Grow your ecommerce company with us

Ecommerce marketing from ecommerce owners

You're working with the best
ecommerce marketing agency 

We're Chat Blender. Our ecommerce growth knowledge comes from scaling our own ecommerce brands and helping hundreds of ecommerce companies succeed.  We teach via our content at Shopify Plus, Social Media Marketing World, and podcasts across the web.

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Ecomm owners and marketers

We're not just an agency.  We're ecommerce owners just  like you. 


Of our clients are B2C ecommerce brands.  

Chat Marketing handbook for Ecommerce

We wrote the book on chat marketing for ecommerce (DNVB, DTC) compaines


Engagement that turns customers into ambassadors

Your ability to profitably increase sales turns on repeat customers.

We fixate on relationship-focused paid and organic marketing that follows the customer journey.

That means leveraging email, SMS, messenger marketing, SEO to bring someone from the top of funnel all the way to the bottom of funnel; Then into the flywheel to get referrals, and repeat purchases.

Spend your time managing your Ecommerce business, not worrying about marketing paradigm shifts.

  • Are IOS changes keeping you up at night?
  • Worried about 3rd party data and cookies going away?
  • Ad costs too high and conversion rate too low?
  • Do you feel a gap in understanding with your customers?
  • Do you need a proven methodology?

Let Chat Blender help...
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